2023 Action Scorecards

Action Scorecards 2023

Question: Do the NO2 levels in a significant proportion of neighbourhoods within the council’s area exceed the safe World Health Organisation (WHO) air pollution guidelines?

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National Data
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Negatively Scored Question
A council will be negatively scored if they have 25% or more LSOAs (Lower-layer Super Output Areas) above the World Health Organisations (WHO) NO2 guidelines.

A council will be further negatively scored if they have 75% or more LSOAs (Lower-layer Super Output Areas) above the World Health Organisations (WHO) NO2 guidelines.


NO2 - Nitrogen dioxide, or NO2, is a gaseous air pollutant composed of nitrogen and oxygen and is one of a group of related gases called nitrogen oxides, or NOx. NO2 forms when fossil fuels such as coal, oil, gas or diesel are burned at high temperatures. NO2 in the UK is mostly a result of fossil fuel cars. Data for NO2 in the UK is strong due to a good network of national sensors therefore we have used a stronger criteria.

LSOAs (Lower-layer Super Output Areas) are small areas designed to be of a similar population size, with an average of approximately 1,500 residents or 650 households. They are used to form the basis of the census.

WHO NO2 guidelines: Nitrogen dioxide (NO2) concentrations of 10 µg/m3 annual average.

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33 district councils

0 points

39 district councils

Councils without penalty marks

92 district councils
Amber Valley Borough Council0/0
Arun District Council0/0
Ashford Borough Council0/0
Babergh District Council0/0
Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council0/0
Bassetlaw District Council0/0
Boston Borough Council0/0
Braintree District Council0/0
Breckland District Council0/0
Bromsgrove District Council0/0
Burnley Borough Council0/0
Canterbury City Council0/0
Cheltenham Borough Council0/0
Cherwell District Council0/0
Chesterfield Borough Council0/0
Chichester District Council0/0
City of Lincoln Council0/0
Cotswold District Council0/0
Derbyshire Dales District Council0/0
Dover District Council0/0
Eastbourne Borough Council0/0
East Cambridgeshire District Council0/0
East Devon District Council0/0
East Hampshire District Council0/0
East Lindsey District Council0/0
Exeter City Council0/0
Fenland District Council0/0
Folkestone and Hythe District Council0/0
Forest of Dean District Council0/0
Fylde Borough Council0/0
Harborough District Council0/0
Hart District Council0/0
Hastings Borough Council0/0
High Peak Borough Council0/0
Horsham District Council0/0
Huntingdonshire District Council0/0
Hyndburn Borough Council0/0
King's Lynn and West Norfolk Borough Council0/0
Lancaster City Council0/0
Lewes District Council0/0
Maldon District Council0/0
Malvern Hills District Council0/0
Melton Borough Council0/0
Mid Devon District Council0/0
Mid Suffolk District Council0/0
Mid Sussex District Council0/0
Newark and Sherwood District Council0/0
New Forest District Council0/0
North Devon Council0/0
North East Derbyshire District Council0/0
North Kesteven District Council0/0
North Norfolk District Council0/0
North West Leicestershire District Council0/0
Pendle Borough Council0/0
Redditch Borough Council0/0
Ribble Valley Borough Council0/0
Rossendale Borough Council0/0
Rother District Council0/0
South Cambridgeshire District Council0/0
South Derbyshire District Council0/0
South Hams District Council0/0
South Holland District Council0/0
South Kesteven District Council0/0
South Norfolk District Council0/0
South Oxfordshire District Council0/0
South Ribble Borough Council0/0
Stafford Borough Council0/0
Staffordshire Moorlands District Council0/0
Stratford-on-Avon District Council0/0
Stroud District Council0/0
Teignbridge District Council0/0
Tendring District Council0/0
Test Valley Borough Council0/0
Tewkesbury Borough Council0/0
Thanet District Council0/0
Torridge District Council0/0
Tunbridge Wells Borough Council0/0
Uttlesford District Council0/0
Vale of White Horse District Council0/0
Warwick District Council0/0
Waverley Borough Council0/0
Wealden District Council0/0
West Devon Borough Council0/0
West Lancashire Borough Council0/0
West Lindsey District Council0/0
West Oxfordshire District Council0/0
West Suffolk Council0/0
Winchester City Council0/0
Worcester City Council0/0
Wychavon District Council0/0
Wyre Council0/0
Wyre Forest District Council0/0
Adur District Council-0.16/0mapst.ac
Ashfield District Council-0.16/0mapst.ac
Blaby District Council-0.16/0mapst.ac
Bolsover District Council-0.16/0mapst.ac
Broadland District Council-0.16/0mapst.ac
Cambridge City Council-0.16/0mapst.ac
Cannock Chase District Council-0.16/0mapst.ac
Charnwood Borough Council-0.16/0mapst.ac
Chelmsford City Council-0.16/0mapst.ac
Chorley Council-0.16/0mapst.ac
Colchester Borough Council-0.16/0mapst.ac
Dacorum Council-0.16/0mapst.ac
East Hertfordshire District Council-0.16/0mapst.ac
East Staffordshire Borough Council-0.16/0mapst.ac
East Suffolk Council-0.16/0mapst.ac
Gloucester City Council-0.16/0mapst.ac
Great Yarmouth Borough Council-0.16/0mapst.ac
Guildford Borough Council-0.16/0mapst.ac
Havant Borough Council-0.16/0mapst.ac
Hinckley and Bosworth Borough Council-0.16/0mapst.ac
Lichfield District Council-0.16/0mapst.ac
Maidstone Borough Council-0.16/0mapst.ac
Mansfield District Council-0.16/0mapst.ac
Mole Valley District Council-0.16/0mapst.ac
Newcastle-Under-Lyme District Council-0.16/0mapst.ac
North Hertfordshire District Council-0.16/0mapst.ac
North Warwickshire Borough Council-0.16/0mapst.ac
Nuneaton and Bedworth Borough Council-0.16/0mapst.ac
Oadby and Wigston Borough Council-0.16/0mapst.ac
Preston City Council-0.16/0mapst.ac
Rugby Borough Council-0.16/0mapst.ac
Rushcliffe Borough Council-0.16/0mapst.ac
Sevenoaks District Council-0.16/0mapst.ac
South Staffordshire Council-0.16/0mapst.ac
Swale Borough Council-0.16/0mapst.ac
Tamworth Borough Council-0.16/0mapst.ac
Tandridge District Council-0.16/0mapst.ac
Tonbridge and Malling Borough Council-0.16/0mapst.ac
Worthing Borough Council-0.16/0mapst.ac
Basildon Borough Council-0.48/0mapst.ac
Borough of Broxbourne-0.48/0mapst.ac
Brentwood Borough Council-0.48/0mapst.ac
Broxtowe Borough Council-0.48/0mapst.ac
Castle Point Borough Council-0.48/0mapst.ac
Crawley Borough Council-0.48/0mapst.ac
Dartford Borough Council-0.48/0mapst.ac
Eastleigh Borough Council-0.48/0mapst.ac
Elmbridge Borough Council-0.48/0mapst.ac
Epping Forest District Council-0.48/0mapst.ac
Epsom and Ewell Borough Council-0.48/0mapst.ac
Erewash Borough Council-0.48/0mapst.ac
Fareham Borough Council-0.48/0mapst.ac
Gedling Borough Council-0.48/0mapst.ac
Gosport Borough Council-0.48/0mapst.ac
Gravesham Borough Council-0.48/0mapst.ac
Harlow Council-0.48/0mapst.ac
Hertsmere Borough Council-0.48/0mapst.ac
Ipswich Borough Council-0.48/0mapst.ac
Norwich City Council-0.48/0mapst.ac
Oxford City Council-0.48/0mapst.ac
Reigate & Banstead Borough Council-0.48/0mapst.ac
Rochford District Council-0.48/0mapst.ac
Runnymede Borough Council-0.48/0mapst.ac
Rushmoor Borough Council-0.48/0mapst.ac
Spelthorne Borough Council-0.48/0mapst.ac
St Albans City and District Council-0.48/0mapst.ac
Stevenage Borough Council-0.48/0mapst.ac
Surrey Heath Borough Council-0.48/0mapst.ac
Three Rivers District Council-0.48/0mapst.ac
Watford Borough Council-0.48/0mapst.ac
Welwyn Hatfield Council-0.48/0mapst.ac
Woking Borough Council-0.48/0mapst.ac