2023 Action Scorecards

Action Scorecards 2023

Question: Has the council completed extensive retrofit work on any of its significant buildings to make them low carbon?

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Buildings & Heating
Council buildings - retrofit
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Criteria met if the council have done any of the following extensive retrofit works for any one of its significant buildings:
- created on-site renewable energy
- whole building retrofitting, including heat pump installations
- extensive insulation of walls and floors
- replacing gas boilers or installing a combined heating system

Additional points awarded if the retrofit has been awarded a standard such as BREEAM Refurbishment and fit-out (any level), AECB Retrofit standard (Bronze, Silver or Gold) or any other recognised standard.


Significant council buildings refers to leisure centres, libraries, council town halls or offices, community centres, schools & colleges (not academies or private schools) or care homes.

Extensive retrofit (sometimes called deep retrofit) refers to significant works of size or scale that result in a fundamental change to the building structure and/or services. This could be a collection of lots of small retrofit enhancements, or a single larger and disruptive measure, such as installing a combined heat system.

The work must be completed, not in progress.

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Nottinghamshire County Council2/2nottinghamshire.gov.uk
Cambridgeshire County Council1/2cambridgeshire.gov.uk
Devon County Council1/2gov.uk
East Sussex County Council1/2eastsussex.gov.uk
Essex County Council1/2assets.ctfassets.net
Gloucestershire County Council1/2constructingexcellence.org.uk
Hampshire County Council1/2hants.gov.uk
Hertfordshire County Council1/2watfordobserver.co.uk
Kent County Council1/2gov.uk
Lancashire County Council1/2news.lancashire.gov.uk
Leicestershire County Council1/2leicestershire.gov.uk
Lincolnshire County Council1/2lincolnshire.gov.uk
Norfolk County Council1/2norfolkcc.cmis.uk.com
Oxfordshire County Council1/2gov.uk
Surrey County Council1/2mycouncil.surreycc.gov.uk
Warwickshire County Council1/2warwickshire.gov.uk
West Sussex County Council1/2westsussex.gov.uk
Worcestershire County Council1/2gov.uk
Derbyshire County Council0/2
Staffordshire County Council0/2
Suffolk County Council0/2