2023 Action Scorecards

Isles of Scilly

Net Zero target date
Council only: 2030
Political control (Sept 2023)

About the Scorecards

Climate Emergency UK assessed all UK councils on the actions they've taken towards net zero. The Scorecard assessment consists of 91 questions or less, depending on council type, across 7 different sections, created in consultation with over 90 different organisations and individuals. Each council was marked against these criteria and given a right to reply before the scores underwent a final audit. This work was completed between January and August 2023. Unless otherwise stated, council climate action from 1st January 2019 up until 31st March 2023 was assessed.

You can check how this council scored in the 2021 Plan Scorecards (different questions to the Action Scorecards).

Key definitions

The question weighting determines the importance of that question to the overall section score. To ensure appropriate weighting to each question, each raw score for a question has been translated into a score out of one, two or three, depending on whether the question is weighted low (one), medium (two) or high (three). The questions that are weighted high are those we consider to have the biggest impact on emission reductions and a sustained long-term impact.

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The overall section score for a council is given in the table below. The final score is created from adding up the overall section scores and applying the section weighting. For example, receiving a 50% score in Collaboration & Engagement equals 5% of a council’s overall score. This is because Collaboration & Engagement is worth 10% of a council's overall score.

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Action Scorecard: Isles of Scilly

Councils have been scored across seven sections, each covering the important actions that councils can be taking towards net zero. The marks within these sections add up to make up the council's overall score. Here you can see where a council performs well and not so well in each section — and compare it to other councils at this granular level.

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You'll find more options, like the ability to compare your council's Scorecard with other councils, and see a more granular breakdown of how they did on each question of the Scorecards.

QuestionsIsles of ScillyCouncils with full marks per question
Buildings & Heating0%
Planning & Land Use0%
Governance & Finance0%

Has the council passed a motion in support of divestment from all fossil fuels from the councils' pension funds?

0/232 out of 186 single tier councils got full marks for this question.
Collaboration & Engagement0%
Waste Reduction & Food0%
Total score0%
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